What is FitMess?

FitMess is a platform that allows you to exchange your data between different fitness or calorie tracking apps that might or might not support one another.

What does FitMess do?

Currently, we offer te ability to transfer your daily nutrition information, calories burned & your tracked weight between Fitbit and Fatsecret.

When and how does the data get transferred?

When you sync with FitBit, we start executing the rules you set up in your profile (e.g. if you set up a rule to transfer your calories burned from Fitbit to FatSecret, we shuttle those numbers on over to FatSecret).

Note: All your exercise data in FatSecret will be replaced by the calories reported by FitBit.

Can I manually force a sync?

At this time, we only allow periodic and automatic syncs. They occur once every 4-6 hours, when you sync your Fitbit tracker with Fitbit.

How do I start using FitMess?

You just need a Google or Facebook account and you can start using FitMess. Don't worry, we just use your e-mail & name (and your beautiful profile silhouette) to create a profile for you; that's it.

Click here to get started and we'll guide you.

I tried to login using Facebook, it says you want my friends list. Why do you need that?

We don't, but we're forced to receive the permission. Facebook grants all applications that use their login system at least three permissions: email, public profile and friends list. We have no way of not being granted the permission. Regardless, we never request your friends list.

If you wish, you may use Google to login where the requested permissions are more fine-tuned.